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From the Principal Desk

Principal Desk My Dear Students Welcome to our College Our Aim is to provide competency in teachers education. Teachers competency means the right way of conveying units of knowledge, application and skills to the students. The right way includes knowledge of Contents as well as the processes, methods and means of conveying them in an interesting way.

The teachers has a role to play as friend, philosopher and secure they co-operation of society, co-workers, officials and so on in the discharge of his duties and for the achievements of desired result. Competencies mean class room competencies, administration and managementís competencies, competencies in relation to content and curriculum, motivation and value based competencies.

Our college mission is creating above competencies during the training period of student. Education should be both intellectual based and value based. Intellectual based education influences the head whereas value based influences the heart. When the head and heart go together we need not about the feet which will go in the right direction.

                Mr. Madan ingh Choudhary

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